Memories take us back,dreams take us forward.


Memories can play tricks on us. Good ones can hold us back out of comfort and bad ones can hold us back out of fear. Memories sometimes have a way of clouding our dreams and make it impossible to move forward. But, we can’t let ourselves get stuck in the past. Part of living is always moving forward, learning new things, trying to succeed and be a better person than we were before. Don’t let your memories stop your dreams from happening.


Hair – Magika
Outfit – Paper Arrow – Onsie @ Epiphany




My summer was a very busy but now I can relax and enjoy my favorite time of year, autumn. I’ve spent the last few months taking classes and learning as much as I can about meshing. It was a much harder process than I thought it was going to be. But, I’m excited and wishful that I will finally be able to create things that I enjoy in Second Life. I am a huge fan of mmo’s and roleplaying during medieval times. I am hoping to bring some of that passion to the grid and create homes/structures that people will enjoy using. So…even tho I might not be creating photos, you can bet I’m always creating something!


Hair – Truth – Montana
Sonya Vest & Sweater – N-UNO @ Chpt 4
Bracelet – E. Marie
Decor – Trompe Loeil

I’m a dreamer but this isn’t my dream


While I was editing this photo, my daughter walked in and gave me the best compliment ever. She said, “Why are you editing a picture of that woman?” It made me smile because she didn’t realize it was my avatar. When I zoomed in closer, she could finally see “Lamira’s” familiar face and she was so surprised.

It felt good for a moment for my avatar to be recognized as a real person. I mean, that is the goal isn’t it? We try to give our avatars their own personality and to bring that personality to life in some way. It is a good feeling when we finally bond with them and they become a part of who we are. Now, if I could just have her silky smooth skin and slender thighs. *wink*



Hair – Wasabi Pills – Kendall (FLF Sale)
Eye makeup – Arte – Milano Eyeshadow
Top – Rebel Hope – Janelle – Green @ FaMASHed
Shorts – Erratic – Carrie Denim Shorts
Shoes – Reign – Livi Wedges V2
Necklace – Kibitz – Melanie Necklace


House – Trompe Loeil – Chiara Pool Pavilion
Bench – Fancy Decor – Davis Bench
(I used the pose that came with the bench cos it’s a great pose!)
Hanging Plant – What Next – Wall Hanging Plant #1
Potted Plants – The Artist Shed – Country Planter (Milk Can)
The Artist Shed – Country Planter (Bushel Basket)

I am a Woman…what’s your superpower?


I am a woman. I am fierce, independent, successful, intelligent, kind, humble, and loyal. Yes, that is right, I AM a superhero!

But, I can also be shy, timid, clingy, and want to just be held tight, in strong arms and told I’m a princess. Hell, even Superman had kryptonite, right?!

Women are complicated creatures but that is what makes us intriguing. Don’t ever let anyone underestimate your power.


Hair – Limerence – Kate – Blondes @ Hair Fair 
Outfit – The Mystic – Gothic Corset –
Pose – K&S Poses – Smoking Pose Set @ anyBODY
(Smoke created by me in Photoshop)


Sunshine is my favorite accessory


If you flip through my blog or my flickr, you will notice a little theme with many of my photos. I love sunshine! And, I honestly don’t ever plan to take a photo outdoors with the sun shining down on me. I visit lots of sims and have all sorts of ideas for where to take photos. It just always seems that I end up in the woods, or a field of flowers. Today, I found myself near a beautiful lake and decided it was a perfect spot to take this photo  cos there is nothing I love more than bright,warm,sunny days!!


Hair – Truth – Taja – Blonde
Shorts – {vincue} Mini+Kinie ~ Short @ Kawaii Project
(The matching bra top for the shorts can be found at Kustom9, but who needs a top in this weather right???!!)


Whimberly (The sim is a beautiful place to take photos! I am using my own WL setting, and I derendered the mountain terrain around the edges of the sim. But, it is still worth checking out when your wanting a beautiful outdoor location for photos!)



I’m gonna enjoy the ride


I have always tried my best to be a happy person. And, I have always done my best to be warm, kind, and caring to others. I want them to feel special, happy, and appreciated. Unfortunately, it has not always worked in my favor. But, I can’t let my frustrations keep me from still being a kind and caring person. You have to trust in your heart that life will reward you for being a happy soul. And sometimes when you least expect it, it might just give you a new reason to smile, till your cheeks hurt.

For this photo, I decorated an entire space in all things Boho. Zen Creations has a full set of Boho furnishings and I found a dresser that matched perfect from Six o’clock’s gacha. And this gorgeous, sexy outfit I got from Cynful @ Collabor88 this month.

– Credits –

Hair – Truth – Cheri
Eyeshadow – Veechi – Smoked Out Wing/Catwa @ Collabor88
Outfit – Cynful – Rendezvous Romper – Rose @ Collabor88
Necklace – Kibitz – Melanie Necklace

Armoire/Chair/Window – Zen Creations – Parts of the Kaleidoscope Set (Full set includes several other pieces you can’t see in the photo.
Kitten – Jian – Pudgy Persians Gacha #11 – Orange Wander Kitten
Flower pot – Dust Bunny – Potted Bromeliad @ Collabor88
Dresser – !Six o’clock! – Coloured Drawers