I’ve been out exploring the KiLu sim this week and I have to tell you that it is breathtaking. If you enjoy fresh air, country life, and cozy spots to snuggle up with a special someone, this is the sim for you.  You will be seeing more pictures from KiLu as I plan to spend a few days there over the next week.

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Autumn Is Waiting For Me


Autumn in the country will always be my favorite time of year.
-The Furniture-
Vespertine: Hanging daybed / summer cocktail
Vespertine: Standing mirror/darkwood
8F8: Storyteller’s Burrow – Old armchair
8F8: Storyteller’s Burrow – Library Table
Apt B: Wood Cabinet @ Kustom 9 During Oct.
Vespertine: Autumn morning bed tray
Vespertine: Painted globe / love
Vespertine: Pumpkin Harvest Basket
Consignment: Happiness Frame
anc: Garden. Old Book 4
anc: Garden. Lady In Moon
Cheeky Pea: Falling Over Books
Dust Bunny: Melted Candle
Dust Bunny: Firewood Basket
Dust Bunny: Blanket Stool
Dust Bunny: Hanging Leaves
Dust Bunny: Step Ladder
Dust Bunny: Dahlia Jug
Atelier Visconti: Epoque Candles
Boogers: Cuddle Bears
Boogers: Ready To Go Bear
Theosophy: Pullover Sloth (Live Slow)
A.D.D: Washtub full of pumpkins
8F8: Storyteller’s Burrow – Lantern Cage
8F8: Storyteller’s Burrow – Old Rugs
Haikei: Humid Dusty Cottage Gacha 4
StoraxTree Mesh: Feline Treasures – Naptime – Black Halloween
iTuTu: Petit Dahlia Can /Yellow
KIDD: Pergola Ivy*Circular*
Alirium: Itchy Grass Brown
3D Trees: AutumnTrees – Birch
3D Trees: AutumnTrees – Triple Birch
3D Trees: Autumn Trees Grass
3D Trees: Forest Grass

POTD – Flux Sur Mer

POTD’s are my “places of the day” that I visit and take photos of. These photos were taken at the beautiful Flux Sur Mer sim. I encourage everyone to go and visit this area when they have a chance. It is an amazing sim!

22358567451_6433de911a_o:: Flux Sur Mer ::


(Windlight settings on actual sim are different than what I use to create photos.)

Settling into my new home

I’ve had my blog on blogspot but I really want to try something new so here I am at wordpress 😀 I’ve wanted to make a blog about Second Life decor,furnishings, and beautiful sims that I visit for a long time…so here I am! Let’s get this started!