Sunshine is my favorite accessory


If you flip through my blog or my flickr, you will notice a little theme with many of my photos. I love sunshine! And, I honestly don’t ever plan to take a photo outdoors with the sun shining down on me. I visit lots of sims and have all sorts of ideas for where to take photos. It just always seems that I end up in the woods, or a field of flowers. Today, I found myself near a beautiful lake and decided it was a perfect spot to take this photo  cos there is nothing I love more than bright,warm,sunny days!!


Hair – Truth – Taja – Blonde
Shorts – {vincue} Mini+Kinie ~ Short @ Kawaii Project
(The matching bra top for the shorts can be found at Kustom9, but who needs a top in this weather right???!!)


Whimberly (The sim is a beautiful place to take photos! I am using my own WL setting, and I derendered the mountain terrain around the edges of the sim. But, it is still worth checking out when your wanting a beautiful outdoor location for photos!)



I’m gonna enjoy the ride


I have always tried my best to be a happy person. And, I have always done my best to be warm, kind, and caring to others. I want them to feel special, happy, and appreciated. Unfortunately, it has not always worked in my favor. But, I can’t let my frustrations keep me from still being a kind and caring person. You have to trust in your heart that life will reward you for being a happy soul. And sometimes when you least expect it, it might just give you a new reason to smile, till your cheeks hurt.

For this photo, I decorated an entire space in all things Boho. Zen Creations has a full set of Boho furnishings and I found a dresser that matched perfect from Six o’clock’s gacha. And this gorgeous, sexy outfit I got from Cynful @ Collabor88 this month.

– Credits –

Hair – Truth – Cheri
Eyeshadow – Veechi – Smoked Out Wing/Catwa @ Collabor88
Outfit – Cynful – Rendezvous Romper – Rose @ Collabor88
Necklace – Kibitz – Melanie Necklace

Armoire/Chair/Window – Zen Creations – Parts of the Kaleidoscope Set (Full set includes several other pieces you can’t see in the photo.
Kitten – Jian – Pudgy Persians Gacha #11 – Orange Wander Kitten
Flower pot – Dust Bunny – Potted Bromeliad @ Collabor88
Dresser – !Six o’clock! – Coloured Drawers


Your my favorite daydream


Ever go shopping and find the perfect outfit but then can’t find the inspiration to photograph it? I don’t have sponsors mainly because I only take photos when I feel inspired and when I have time. I just enjoy photography and putting together outfits for my avatar. So this blog is more of my personal hobby than a fashion blog. When I found this outfit from Miss Chelsea, at last month’s ROMP Event, I fell in love with it. And, I have tried several times to take a photo but I just wasn’t feeling inspired. I put the matching pasties on, I took them off, I added a sexy pair of heels, I took them off, I tried pose after pose, I even went to a friend’s skybox and tried to take a photo BUT I just wasn’t feeling inspired.

So, I decided to come home tonight and set up this platform from the Mirage Treasure Co. It was a perfect fit and exactly what I had been looking for to go in my little area of our pavilion. While I was trying to decorate, my mind kept wandering all over the place, but mainly I kept finding myself daydreaming about the words “You look good on your knees.” Yes, it was a naughty, little erotic daydream….but still….it was inspiring! And within just a few minutes, I had the wall unit up, I had my sexy outfit on, and the photo was done! Isn’t it funny where we sometimes happen to find our inspiration? Now excuse me while I go back to….daydreaming.


Hair – Truth – Delaney
Outfit – Miss Chelsea – Aura Playsuit Black (Comes with pasties but I left them off)
Necklace – Kibitz – Round Choker – Gold

Mirage Treasure Co. – Mirage India Wall Unit V2.0





After six months of freezing weather and staring at bare tree branches,I become overly excited when spring and summer finally arrive. I love summer. I love everything about it. The flowers in full bloom, the hot sun, and the cool lake water.

That is why, I have to make myself remember to take photos of items that I’ve purchased, before they completely go out of style. Like this very sexy lingerie set that I grabbed at Collabor88 during May…..and I am finally photographing in June!! Hey, don’t judge me…it’s summer! 😛

I’ve also been working more with my windlight settings in SL and blending layers in Photoshop. I like to do as little editing as possible to my avatar in my photos. But, that can make them very dull and boring. So I’m experimenting and having fun playing in the shadows. Sadly, I can’t do ultra settings or my computer would have a stroke!


Hair – Truth – AveryElena – April VIP Group Gift
Lingerie – Moon Amore – Roselinde Lingerie -Pure @ Collabor88 (If you hurry!)
Bracelets – Kibitz – Adelie Bracelets – Gold

Tree – Fiddle’s Green – Cherry Tree
Tree – Heart – Wildwood Alder Trees
Ground Petals – Cherry Tree Sakura (Very old group gift no longer available)

Pose Info:
Pose & Petal Props – Glamrus – Cherri (I modified the hand placements)