Merry Christmas 2015


The greatest gift at Christmas is to have your loved ones and best friends together with you….

Left To Right:
Lamira Sangio, Jakara Sangio, Kona Avonside, Indigo Avonside

These 3 people are more than my friends, they are my family. And I am so lucky that I have them in my life.

Indy and I met about 7 yrs ago playing facebook games and our friendship took off instantly. We have the same sarcatic sense of humor, we have the same values, she is my balance. It didn’t take long for us to become more like sisters than friends. We love each other like sisters and we drive each other crazy like sisters. We have been through some amazing times together and some very rough times too. But, no matter what happens, we will always be just a phone call away. 😀

Jakara and I met on IMVU in spring of 2011, we stayed there for awhile and moved over to SL in 2012. Long distance relationships are hard but due to RL reasons we couldn’t get together outside of SL. So for 3 and 1/2 looooooong years, we stuck it out. It only worked for that long because we were truly honest with each other. No lies, no secrets, no drama. You can’t ever expect anything on SL to go further if you aren’t honest with one another. Finally, in May of 2014, we got to met in RL and we have been together every since that day. That is the reason that I take long absences and breaks from SL and Blogging. I try to devote what time I can to SL in my free time, but spending time with Jakara in RL is much more important to me now.

Kona is the love of my sister’s life. She adores him, he makes her smile and laugh, and they are perfect for each other. And that is why I call Kona, my brother. He respects my sister and he treats her like a queen and for that I am very thankful. Plus, he’s just a great guy. No drama, never unkind, he’s one of the few guys I’ve met who really are, who they say they are. He doesn’t try to be someone else. He’s just himself and I love him to pieces….even if he pushes my avatar around!!! 😉

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!
xoxo ~ Lamira