Sunshine is my favorite accessory


If you flip through my blog or my flickr, you will notice a little theme with many of my photos. I love sunshine! And, I honestly don’t ever plan to take a photo outdoors with the sun shining down on me. I visit lots of sims and have all sorts of ideas for where to take photos. It just always seems that I end up in the woods, or a field of flowers. Today, I found myself near a beautiful lake and decided it was a perfect spot to take this photo  cos there is nothing I love more than bright,warm,sunny days!!


Hair – Truth – Taja – Blonde
Shorts – {vincue} Mini+Kinie ~ Short @ Kawaii Project
(The matching bra top for the shorts can be found at Kustom9, but who needs a top in this weather right???!!)


Whimberly (The sim is a beautiful place to take photos! I am using my own WL setting, and I derendered the mountain terrain around the edges of the sim. But, it is still worth checking out when your wanting a beautiful outdoor location for photos!)