Memories take us back,dreams take us forward.


Memories can play tricks on us. Good ones can hold us back out of comfort and bad ones can hold us back out of fear. Memories sometimes have a way of clouding our dreams and make it impossible to move forward. But, we can’t let ourselves get stuck in the past. Part of living is always moving forward, learning new things, trying to succeed and be a better person than we were before. Don’t let your memories stop your dreams from happening.


Hair – Magika
Outfit – Paper Arrow – Onsie @ Epiphany




My summer was a very busy but now I can relax and enjoy my favorite time of year, autumn. I’ve spent the last few months taking classes and learning as much as I can about meshing. It was a much harder process than I thought it was going to be. But, I’m excited and wishful that I will finally be able to create things that I enjoy in Second Life. I am a huge fan of mmo’s and roleplaying during medieval times. I am hoping to bring some of that passion to the grid and create homes/structures that people will enjoy using. So…even tho I might not be creating photos, you can bet I’m always creating something!


Hair – Truth – Montana
Sonya Vest & Sweater – N-UNO @ Chpt 4
Bracelet – E. Marie
Decor – Trompe Loeil