The Stand Off

She folds her arms tightly and bites at her bottom lip, twisting and grinding it with her teeth. She slowly looks up at him with determined eyes.  Amused with this new act of stubbornness, He glares down at her then shuts his eyes.  Thoughts of how to punish her begin filtering through his lustful mind. He cocks his head slightly as his mouth forms into a wide smirk, he allows a light, playful chuckle to escape his lips. How, he adores her little ways.



Hair – Truth – Ximenia

Lingerie – The Panty Shoppe – Temptation Ask Nicely RARE


Trompe Loeil – Dorina Cottages

PILOT& Bee.bu – Pink Bunny – Pillow Palace @ Collabor88 March

+Half-Deer+ – Sakura Petals

D-Lab – Panda Sleeping

Boogers – Cuddle Bears (Old Arcade Gift)

Boogers – Edith Bear

Bueno – Cat Grey

{what next} – Amelie Bookcase

{what next} – Storage Boxes – Colors

Autumn Is Waiting For Me


Autumn in the country will always be my favorite time of year.
-The Furniture-
Vespertine: Hanging daybed / summer cocktail
Vespertine: Standing mirror/darkwood
8F8: Storyteller’s Burrow – Old armchair
8F8: Storyteller’s Burrow – Library Table
Apt B: Wood Cabinet @ Kustom 9 During Oct.
Vespertine: Autumn morning bed tray
Vespertine: Painted globe / love
Vespertine: Pumpkin Harvest Basket
Consignment: Happiness Frame
anc: Garden. Old Book 4
anc: Garden. Lady In Moon
Cheeky Pea: Falling Over Books
Dust Bunny: Melted Candle
Dust Bunny: Firewood Basket
Dust Bunny: Blanket Stool
Dust Bunny: Hanging Leaves
Dust Bunny: Step Ladder
Dust Bunny: Dahlia Jug
Atelier Visconti: Epoque Candles
Boogers: Cuddle Bears
Boogers: Ready To Go Bear
Theosophy: Pullover Sloth (Live Slow)
A.D.D: Washtub full of pumpkins
8F8: Storyteller’s Burrow – Lantern Cage
8F8: Storyteller’s Burrow – Old Rugs
Haikei: Humid Dusty Cottage Gacha 4
StoraxTree Mesh: Feline Treasures – Naptime – Black Halloween
iTuTu: Petit Dahlia Can /Yellow
KIDD: Pergola Ivy*Circular*
Alirium: Itchy Grass Brown
3D Trees: AutumnTrees – Birch
3D Trees: AutumnTrees – Triple Birch
3D Trees: Autumn Trees Grass
3D Trees: Forest Grass