Pretty Please Grand Opening

So I won’t go into a huge discussion about Pretty Please here because it has its very own blog. BUT, this is my baby! My female fashion store in Second Life. I’ve been on the marketplace a couple months and finally opened an inworld store. I’m excited! And I’m proud of myself because it is something I wanted to do for over 2 years. Blogging and Photography will always be my first love but I enjoy creating as well. So a few snapshots of the new store and if you want to see more:

Pretty Please Blog is here

Taxi to Pretty Please Mainstore


Doing what we do!


Sooo, I have neglected my blog FOREVER and I do apologize! RL has seriously been kicking my ass 😦

But, on a bright note! After nearly 2 years of talking about opening a store in SL, I’ve decided to just go and do it! The store is named Pretty Please and it’s cute, everyday girly fashion. It’s only available on the MP for now:

But, hopefully in the near future, it will make its way to an inworld store.

The photo is of Indy and I showing off some Pretty Please fashion and her beautifully decorated Paris skybox ❤

Settling into my new home

I’ve had my blog on blogspot but I really want to try something new so here I am at wordpress 😀 I’ve wanted to make a blog about Second Life decor,furnishings, and beautiful sims that I visit for a long time…so here I am! Let’s get this started!